Settling the Score on the AHCA

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Everyone has questions about the recent house vote on the AHCA and the future ACA. Employers are across the nation are asking:

  • Will reporting change?
  • Will forms be required?
  • When will IRS notices be sent?

The IRS is a non-political entity and will enforce the law as it stands until the law officially changes. Organizations are already receiving notices from the IRS. This means that reporting is necessary, understanding where you currently stand is essential, and employers and brokers alike cannot afford to bury their heads in the sand.

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Join Ben Conley, Faculty of the HCRCPI and Partner with Seyfarth Shaw as he and Allison Manno, EVP of Compliance and Client Services at Health e(fx) explore the shed light on the current healthcare environment, the CBO scoring of the AHCA and what to expect in the future.