Direct Contracting, Presented by Industry Expert, Jonathan Edelheit

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Learn how all the top national employers are significantly lowering healthcare costs while getting employees the best care possible with better outcomes at centers of excellence.
Learn from case studies like Lowes and Cleveland Clinic, Pepsi and Johns Hopkins, and more!

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Get the answers first from Jonathan Edelheit, Startup Catalyst and Brand Ambassador to over 2.5 million B2B connections with C-Suite and Global Leaders. Mr. Edelheit published several books on Medical Tourism, US Healthcare and Wellness. Jonathan advises large employers and insurance companies on business strategy and best practices in healthcare, insurance and wellness; while also serving as a strategic adviser to companies providing innovative healthcare solutions. Jonathan is one of the largest influencers in international and domestic medical tourism, and global health insurance. This webinar is a MUST ATTEND for anyone interested in tapping in to future industry trends.

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Presented By:

Jonathan Edelheit – Founder & CEO
Global Healthcare Resources